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Las Mercedes Business Park relies on a front desk attended by trilingual staff (Spanish, French and English) with working hours from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The Park also relies on a mail service that handles the internal mail; a big range of restaurants; a conference room for firms; a bus shuttle service; a gym which allows tenants to work out without the need to leave the park; a carsharing service; a car wash; a security department and a cleaning service for the premises.   

Main Reception Service


Business Park Las Mercedes has a reception service, with a general waiting room of the complex, located in the main Hall of Building 9, entrance Calle Campezo 1. This reception service is attended by trilingual staff Spanish-English-French which records the visits and confirms them with the tenants.


The main reception hours are from Monday to Friday (workdays) from 08:00 to 19:00 with reinforcement of a security guard during the entire service

Conference room

Parque Empresarial Las Mercedes’ users now have at their disposition a new Conference room that offers a multitude of possibilities adapted to the necessities of each meeting.

This space, exclusively for the complex’s residents, is located at the end of the Restaurant area. It has an area of 120 sqm and can be accessed through the door next to the vending machines area and the coffee shop Rodilla.

This space has a wide range of uses as a theatre, lecture hall, U shaped, cocktail party, etc.

Here are some images




Mail service

How does it work?

All incoming mail to the complex, postal, messenger and parcel service must be delivered to the post office of the Complex called Cartería, located next to the Control Center 2.


The schedule of this service is from 08:00 to 18:30 h. Uninterrupted.

Maximum Security

All incoming mail / package is scanned before delivery with the aim to improve the preventive security on the complex. This security protocol establishes that every parcel must have its contents verified via X-ray by the security personnel.

How is it delivered?

This service distributes the incoming/ outgoing documentation and mail from said room to the different residing companies in the complex by doing rounds every 30 minutes during peak hours and every hour during off-peak hours.


What other services are offered?

The staff of Cartería del Parque receives, on behalf of the tenants, the Certified and burofax mail. In the event that the tenant is not satisfied, you must notify him beforehand.

Also the staff of Cartería del Parque service has an on-line service to notify  for urgent arrivals, for pick-ups between rounds and the status of collected outgoing mail.


Restaurant service

Huge variety of restaurants!

Sodexo, a company of a wide range of services, offers a range of restaurants. On the website you can find the list of all the available restaurants http://easy.sodexo.es/es/mercedes/restaurantes/

Restaurant Be
At Sodexo´s Restaurant Be you will find a range of breakfasts and a variety of food of the highest quality. From tradition cooking, a pasta spot, healthy grilled options or salads. Something for everyone’s taste buds.


Restaurant Be…Street
Sodexo´s Restaurant Be Street offer the latest trend where you can find plates full of urban taste, grills and a variety of rices or fideuá weekly
Restaurant Be-Street : Be- Grill, Rice Zone, y International Kitchen


Business Restaurant
Open work days from 13:00 to 16:00

At the the Parque Empersarial las Mercedes` Business restaurant  you can taste delicious food with table service.
Reservations Phone Number (SODEXO) 91 329 19 10, or via email

Special Events
Corporative events, team meetings … Sodexo´s room service offers an exclusive high quality offer. We adapt and we personalize each catering event to make it perfect for every occasion. Here is the webiste to request this service http://easy.sodexo.es/es/mercedes/restaurantes/

Santa Rosalía Foodtruck

The delicious variety of foods that Santa Rosalía’s foodtruck has to offer is available a week per month at the Parque Empresarial. The dates will be announced via the website.


Open work days from 08:00 to 18:00

We have a Rodilla Coffee Shop, known for its quality and variety of its sandwiches and pastries. Perfect for a quick meal or informal meetings


Parque Empresarial las Mercedes has two coffee shops where you can enjoy different breakfast options and coffees



Picual Coffee Shop: very nice!
Open work days from 07:30 to 19:00

Verdial Coffee shop and terrace
Open work days from 08:00 to 16:00. Read the new menu here.

Press, Bakery, Florist, Dry Cleaners can be found at this coffee shop
– Vending machine open 24 hours a day.
–Bankia ATM.

The restaurant is exclusively for the tenants and has the capacity of a maximum of 800 guests daily

There is a committee of restaurant user that represent all of the tenants. This committee get together every term to give ideas, suggestions, and complaints towards the restaurant relative to the menu and its services, cleaning, opening hours, temporary offers, etc

Fitness Service

Get fit in our gym!

The park has an 840 m2 gym exclusive for tenants, located on the 3rd floor and part of the 2nd in Building 9.

The owner is a multinational company with a wide experience on a national level in multi-company and corporate gym management.

The Team

The gym has two fitness technicians that council the clients on the best use of the fitness machines and programs, as well as giving group classes at the scheduled time.

Due to the sanitary crisis, there are offered online and in-person classes.

Click here for more information

Do you know about our nutritionist?

We want to offer you nutritional dietitian services, specialized in sport nutrition, which was consulted by The Corporate Gym.

It will be available one day a week to carry out advice and provide a personalized nutrition based on nutrition education for a definite change.

If you have any questions, contact via email or call the gym’s telephone.

Before going to the gym, check out the new protocol of the activity resumption plan here.

We have everything ready with the adequate safety measures. And for just being one of the first 30 members, you will receive a FREE facial protection kit (Shield). More info here.

Car Wash service

Clean your car the most comfortable way possible!

At Parque Empresarial Las Mercedes, Garnica Facility Services offers a Car Wash services which allows you to wash your car from your work.

Maximum Comfort!

Leave your car while you work and collect it afterwards.

This service will be available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 to 14:00


How to request this service?

Firstly, you must schedule an appointment on the following number: 915 416 868 or via email garnica.carwash@garnica.com. In the email you must include the following information: Building/Floor/Company/Name of car park/ Car Spot Number and we will get in touch to confirm.

The requested service will take place a maximum of 48 hours after the phone call or email sent to confirm.

A specialist from GARNICA will get in touch to confirm time and day of the cleaning and to specify where to pick up the keys.

Click here for more info.

What type of cleaning services are offered ?

Exterior cleaning: we clean and dry the bodywork, tyres, exterior windows and wing mirrors, with an excellent finish.

Complete cleaning: Includes exterior cleaning, complete vacuum clean of the vehicle, interior windows, cleaning of the dashboard, all with odorizing products leaving it with an excellent finish.


Ways to pay?

For individuals, payment will be via credit or debit card

For companies, payment will be via credit or debit car with a monthly invoice if necessary (ask for information about this service)


Exterior cleaning:

Passenger car 16,00 €

People carrier/ SUV 18,00 €


Complete cleaning:

Passenger car 21,00 €

People carrier / SUV 25,00 €


Shuttle bus service

Move with ease!

For better comfort and to support public transport, Las Mercedes Business Park has ast its disposal a shuttle bus service connecting the complex with Avenido América (Avenida América 10 in front of Intercambiador); one of the main transport hubs in Madrid and at certain times, from Nuevos Ministerios.


Where does it leave from and where does it go past?

The shuttle bus service with the destination Las Mercedes (Campezo, 1), has the following stops in both directions, as followed:

Avenida América/Avenida América 10 (in front of Intercambiador)

1st stop: Cea Bridge (Arturo Soria),

2nd stop. Metro Canillejas (calle Alcalá),

3rd stop, in 2 timetables, morning and afternoon, from Nuevos Ministerios (direction towards Las Mercedes – collection point: Paseo Castellana 49) and on the way back from Las Mercedes – arrival point: Paseo Castellana 112). Check the special timetable in this link.

Check the new schedule for this service from the 22nd of June of 2020 here.




Here we share the new measures in collective transport, which will come into effect since this Monday, the 8th of June of 2020:

We inform you of the current conditions for the use of the public transport service in discretionary passenger service buses, for safe mobility and in accordance with the plan for the transition to a new normality.

On the 6th of June 2020, the Ministerial Order TMA/384/2020 is published in the Official State Gazette (BOE), which dictates new instructions for use in public transport and establishes requirements to guarantee safe mobility of conformity with the plan for the transition to a new normal. https://www.boe.es/boe/dias/2020/06/06/

This order removes restrictions on vehicle occupancy, with respect to the total number of seats seated, for bus and rail transport, as well as for collective land transport in urban and peri-urban areas.

«Article 2. Conditions of occupancy of vehicles in land transportation.

In regular public transport, discretionary and complementary private bus passengers, as well as rail transport, in which all occupants must be seated, all seats may be used. When the level of occupation allows it, the maximum separation between users will be sought.

Likewise, the use of masks is mandatory during the use of the service, and our fleet has hydroalcoholic gel dispensers available to passengers to reinforce hygiene and disinfection of hands before and after using the service.

Security service

The security service of the Park consists of 3 security guards, with presence 24 hours 7 days a week, and from Monday to Friday there are 5 more guards from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and 2 auxiliary support services of 07 : 00h to 19: 00h.

It thus ensures attention 24 hours in the two (2) Security Control Centers of the  complex with rounds of surveillance on mopeds in the parking lot, ring area and the perimeter of the outdoor complex, including the vehicle access spots of the car park .

Cleaning Service


The cleaning service are of the Complex´s communal areas, the urbanization as a whole   (including pedestrian access and the car park access point), the hall which includes the lifts in the car park (Basement levels -1 and -2, the four communal covered tech rooms , as well as the mailroom, the locker rooms, the restuarant, the coffee shops, the gym and the Security Control Centers…and the communal areas on the main floor of the main recepction of building 9.

This also includes the rubbish bins and the communal area of each building

Also included is a periodic cleaning of restaurant windows, cafeterias, access doors to buildings and glass canopies of all of the buildings.


On-demand services

There are a wide range of “a la carte” benefits available to the residents at Las Mercedes Business Park, ranging from the organisation of special corporate events to specific reception services in the buildings, car wash, taxi airport transfers, etc.